Chihiro Wimbush

A Compassionate Lens on the World

Welcome!  I'm a creative media maker who is passionate about documenting and sharing stories that change how we view each other and the world we live in.



Filming on board the Grace Quan, a replica of a Chinese shrimping boat, for the installation BAY CHRONICLES (photo Jeff Kan Lee)

My film school was several years spent in the streets of West Oakland following homeless shopping cart recyclers for the documentary "Dogtown Redemption."  I'd go out with the camera all day and all night alone with each recycler and learned to shoot on the fly as a one-man-band: no crew, no lights, just me and the subject.  I learned to go deep with this verite style of filmmaking and it's what I love to do.

Since then I've shot in a wide variety of places for a range of projects: from Cambodian baseball to students with disabilities in China, from a South African AIDS orphanage to Untouchable caste colonies in Southern India, from concert halls to dumpsters, from Alaskan recovery programs to the streets of Oakland, from a cross-country journey with a conspiracy theorist to a a sail around the San Francisco Bay on a replica of a Chinese fishing boat.  I love immersing myself in a world and telling stories through the camera lens with a compassionate eye on the human experience.

To see samples of my work listed below, please check out my Portfolio section.

Filming Miss Kay, a recycler, for DOGTOWN REDEMPTION (photo Zachary Stickney)

Documentary Feature

Dogtown Redemption: Cinematographer

Eat Bitter, Taste Sweet (work-in-progress): Additional Camera

Moving Truth (working title - work-in-progress): Camera (with Jim Choi)

Untitled Cambodian Baseball film (work-in-progress): Additional Camera

Documentary Short

Insight Garden Project: Camera

Touching the Untouchable: Camera

Don’t Lose Your Soul: Additional Camera

The Time That Land Forgot: Additional Camera

0-Viewpoint:  Camera (with Jim Choi)

Red Thread: Camera (with Jim Choi)

Narrative Short

Cross Fader

ShadowBoxing (with Andie Webb)


My Place


Asian Chefs at Glide Memorial Church: Additional Camera

Community Education Services: Camera (with Jim Choi)


Teach Breathe Learn (trailer)

Music Video

Truth Is I'm A Liar (Roger Perry music video)

Farmer’s Market (A-Natural music video)

Art Installation

The Making of 0-Viewpoint: (with Jim Choi)

The Making of Lure (with Jim Choi)

Museum Installation

Bay Chronicles


East Bay Meditation Center presents Angela Davis & Jon Kabat Zinn in Conversation

Teach Breathe Learn Book Launch

WWII 442nd Congressional Awards for Japanese American Veterans at the Capitol

With Roslin Sanders on a break from filming  Dogtown Redemption

With Roslin Sanders on a break from filming Dogtown Redemption

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