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Welcome!  I'm a creative media maker who is passionate about documenting and sharing stories that change how we view each other and the world we live in.



Filming on location at Oakland High School

This spring, I traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, where I spent a morning filming with a class in the Anchorage School District for CASEL and Education First for whom I edited a pair of videos illustrating how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is integrated into lessons in the classroom.

In 2015, I shot and edited a series of over 50 videos on SEL for Oakland Unified School District as well as videos for the Mills Teacher Scholars Program at Mills College.  

For the OUSD  series, we went into the classroom to capture SEL moments and lessons as they unfolded, and interviewed students, teachers, principals, and superintendents, capturing a multi-level and layered view on what SEL looks like in the Oakland Unified School District right now.  

For Mills Teacher Scholars, we filmed a day-long workshop, an extended breakout session to capture a sense of the inquiry work being done and recorded interviews with many of the Mills Teacher Scholars.

Anchorage School District SEL

Rene Michaud, 5th grade teacher at Ravenwood Elementary School in the Anchorage School District, integrates SEL into her lesson on bullying.

Oakland Unified School District SEL

In this video, New Highland Elementary School teacher Aija Simmons, demonstrates integration of Academics and SEL in her classroom.

Agnes Zapata, an English teacher at Fremont High School in Oakland, creates an engaging classroom infused with Social Emotional Learning.

Garfield Elementary School Teacher Jaymie Sacramento using SEL for Partner Reading in her classroom.

Mills Teacher Scholars

Three Mills Teacher Scholars participants breakout discussion group where they share their inquiry work and receive feedback from their colleagues.

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