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Welcome!  I'm a creative media maker who is passionate about documenting and sharing stories that change how we view each other and the world we live in.



Onstage at the packed Castro Theater before the screening of  Defender  at the world premiere at San Francisco International Film Festival

Onstage at the packed Castro Theater before the screening of Defender at the world premiere at San Francisco International Film Festival

Editing is my passion for it's where I believe stories, particularly documentaries, get shaped and told.  There's nothing like crafting a polished and moving film from the lump of clay that is hours of raw footage.  I completely agree with master editor Walter Murch's take that the most important element of editing is emotion and so while developing character and story I'm always looking for those movements that move me (and the audience).  As a former musician, I also love the interplay of image and music - how each, if used judiciously in just the right moment, can elevate the other in creating unforgettable cinematic memories.

Nikiko Masumoto working on the Masumoto Family Farm in CHANGING SEASON (photo Alan Sanchez)

I've worked at all stages of a cut from the front end organizing footage and assembly for a final edit, all the way through the final cut.  I also enjoy offering feedback and advising filmmakers on cuts, because I know from my own experience that after weeks/months of staring at the same footage, one loses perspective and sometimes an objective editorial eye can be helpful.  I've done this for everything from sample cuts and fully cut features.

I previously used Final Cut 7 and have since moved on to Premiere Pro.  See a list of my Editing credits below.  For samples of my work please check out my Portfolio. 


Documentary Feature

Defender (in post-production)

Aswat Nabila (in post-production)

Moving Truth (in post-production)

Changing Season: on the Masumoto Family Farm

Dogtown Redemption (Additional Editing)

Anthony Brown and Mark Izu jam in DON"T LOSE YOUR SOUL

Documentary Short

Insight Garden Project (in post-production)

The People's Hospital

The Ride

Liminal Space/Crossings

Touching the Untouchable

A Simple Life : Martin Yan

Don’t Lose Your Soul (with Jim Choi)

The Time That Land Forgot

Food For Life (with Jim Choi)

0-Viewpoint (with Jim Choi)

Red Thread/The Making of Lure: Documentary Short/Installation Piece - (with Jim Choi)

Narrative Short

Double Features

Cross Fader & ShadowBoxing (with Andie Webb)


CAAMFeast Awards Reel 2016

My Place


Center for Asian American Media Anniversary Gala

Asian Chefs at Glide Memorial Church

Community Education Services (with Jim Choi)



For Profit

China Live

China Chocolate

Music Video

Truth Is I'm A Liar (Roger Perry music video)

Speak for the Trees (Earth Guardians Music Video)

CAAMFest Directions in Sound (Live Concert Series: featuring Love X Stereo, Glen Check, Rocky Rivera, Cynthia Lin, & Rock n' Roll Stereo)


Teach Breathe Learn (trailer)

Art Installation

The Making of 0-Viewpoint

The Making of Lure (with Jim Choi)


Innerworld (trailer)


Teach Breathe Learn Book Launch


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